2015 indie games you need to play

rock league gameplay

Rocket League


STYLE: Sport


RELEASE DATE: July 7, 2015

This is the game that your friend has been talking about non stop since it came it out. Yes, it is a soccer game, and also a racing game but when combined it creates one of the most fun experiences in recent years. It can be really simple at first as you score a goal against the AI, but step into the online mode and you quickly realize you are not nearly good enough. That doesn’t matter because the car controls perfectly on the notoriously bad Unreal Engine 3, which doesn’t produce good racing games. The people at Psyonix are giving big-name developers a run for their money. Plus, you can buy a Delorean. How cool is that?




STYLE: Dungeon Defender, Strategy

PUBLISHER/DEVELOPER: Raw Fury/Noio, Licorice

RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2015

Have you ever felt like paying people to do stuff, and make you richer? Well hop on over to steam where Kingdom surprised the charts in mid-October. Play as a male or female monarch on a horse as you pay people to be your loyal subjects and build defenses for you, or fight for you. When day becomes night creatures of the darkness seek to take your rightful crown, and if they do the game over. The game is fun and easy to play the first couple of nights, but as the nights drag on it gets harder and harder to maintain your kingdom in fighting shape.


Everyones Gone to the Rapture


STYLE: Adventure

PUBLISHER/DEVELOPER: Sony Computer Entertainment/The Chinese Room

RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2105

Walk around the sleep english village of Yaughton to try and figure out just what the fuck happened to everyone. The game is stunning to look at, and as you slowly walk down the street you may find clues that will incite a memory made up of faint voices and bright dancing lights while the surroundings go from middle of the day to the dead of night. There is a sprint button in the game but many people missed it because it was not in the game manual. Either way, every moment in this walking simulator is worth the $20 it cost me. Also, english accents.

hotline miami 2

Hotline Miami 2

PLATFORM: Ps4, Ps3, Ps Vita, Android, PC, OSX

STYLE: Top-Down shooter

PUBLISHER/DEVELOPER: Devolver Digital/Dennaton Games

RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2015

Man, Dennaton Games really did their thing on Hotline Miami 2. Not much has changed, but what remains the same is the reason this game was such a hit to begin with. The gore might have gotten better, and the levels have gotten bigger. Now you can knock someone out with a skateboard, or lock on to them and shoot them with a shotgun from across the room. The replayability of this game is insane, and although it’s not a long game it will take a while to play this game right. Personally, I shoot everything in sight but you might be one of those tree-huggers who likes to knock people out with beer bottles. Any port in the storm man, but Dennaton Games deserves respect for this masterful sequel.


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