Indie games to play this holiday season

spelunky wall 2


Platform: Xbox 360, PC, Ps4, Ps Vita, Ps3

Style: Rogue-Like adventure

Publisher/Developer: Mossmouth

Spelunky is a game that will hook its claws onto you because it can be played for five minutes, or for multiple hours. The fun thing about this game is that it’s a rogue-like, meaning that each level is rendered randomly only strung together by an overall theme. Every time that our brave spelunker dies, the level restarts and all the stages are randomized which means that every run is different. It’s definitely one of the most frustrating games out there, but I never got mad at it because it’s really fun to play. As soon I died because I fell on spikes, or was attacked by snakes or spiders, I was back up again starting at level one and hoping to reach the end. I never have reached the end though, but after two years I still occasionally try.



Platform: Ps4, Ps3, Ps Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, OSX

Style: Metroidvania platformer

Publisher/Developer: DrinkBox Studios

Become an undead Mexican wrestler in DrinkBox studios’ 2013 hit Guacamelee. Juan Aguacate, the protagonist, is in charge of rescuing the president’s daughter from the forces of the underworld, while battling evil skeleton enemies, and acquiring cool power ups along the way. This game is a nod to the classic Metroid and Castlevania styles of play where a character advances by getting cool power ups that unlock secret passages and further the plot. Not only is it fun to beat the crap out of skeletons, and switch between the real world and undead world, but the writing is hilarious and that should be enough to keep you entertained for a few hours at least.


Rogue Legacy

Platform: Ps3, Ps4, Ps Vita, Xbox One, PC, OSX

Style: Rogue-like RPG

Publisher/Developer: Cellar Door Games

Step into a castle that is always changing to battle enemies that range from hard to impossible depending on your level, gear, and what type of class you chose for that specific run. The goal of the game is to beat the four bosses in the four different stages and then beat the final boss. The fun part is collecting blueprints for cool gear, earning money to buy upgrades for your character, and seeing how long you can last in one run. The gameplay is the best part of the game, and although it seems simple, it takes hours to master the sword, or the other cool specialty weapons that vary by character. Will you choose to be a mage, or a paladin, or what about a werewolf? Maybe you’d like to be a dragon, or a Hokage. It all depends on your family lineage.

shovel wall


Shovel Knight

Platform: 3DS, Wii U, Ps4, Ps3, Ps Vita, Xbox One, PC, OSX

Style: Platformer Adventure

Publisher/Developer: Yacht Club Games

Yacht Club’s 2014 3DS indie darling shocked the gaming world in a good way when this came came out of nowhere garnering a meteoritic score of 90. Follow Shovel Knight on this Mega Man-esque game as he goes through stages and defeats a different boss of the Order of No Quarter in order to rescue his beloved Shield Knight from the evil throes of the Enchantress. This epic adventure is fueled by hilarious dialogue, and amazing shovel fighting techniques. And with the recent free DLC you can beat the whole game again but this playing as Plague Knight, the sardonic alchemist who fights with agility and bombs. The game is simple in its mechanics like a lot of platformer, but it really shines with its level design and uniquely crafted bosses that actually pose a challenge. Also, Shovel Knight brings back those anxiety-filled memories of missing a platform and falling to certain death only to restart from the last checkpoint.


Super Meat Boy

Platform: Ps4, Ps Vita, Xbox 360, PC, OSX

Style: Precision Platformer

Publisher/Developer: Team Meat

What can I say about this game? It’s tough, frustrating, maddening, stupid, ridiculous, and I could go on because it’s a lot of adjectives but definitely not boring. It starts out simple enough just jumping across a gap but later on it evolves into jumping through saw blades, and venomous substances. Each level Meat Boy is tasked with rescuing Bandage Girl but when he reaches her, the evil Dr. Fetus teleports her to the next level. If you want to yell obscenities at the wall, and break your game system this is your game. Have fun and remember the bandages don’t matter.



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