My yearly battle with FIFA

Last year my girlfriend bought me FIFA 15 only mere days after I had bought a Ps4 for the both of us. At that point I only had Destiny because I had gotten the special edition of the console, with the all-white Ps4 and controller. It was great, but at that point Destiny just wasn’t doing it for me, I needed something else and after having spent $450 plus tax on the Ps4, I asked my girlfriend to buy it for me.

We went to the midnight release of FIFA and got to Gamestop early to make sure I had a copy. She even got me the deluxe edition that came with a weekly gold pack for the Ultimate Team mode, which if you’ve ever played FIFA in the last 4 years you’d know how important those gold packs can be.

I played day and night for days, even weekends, and stayed to 3am just playing while my girlfriend slept. My grades suffered, my relationship suffered, but I kept playing anyways because FIFA is so damn fun. After a while I got good at it again and I upped my difficulty level believing that I was ready for it but I wasn’t. I was getting stomped by teams you’ve never heard of from places that I’m not even sure exist on this earth, but there I was trying my hardest to score at least one goal.

After a certain a point I blew my fuse and threw the controller so hard at the wall that it broke in two. Luckily, after years of having younger brothers it had made me an expert at fixing controllers and I did, but the triggers were never the same again. I could tell my girlfriend was scared of me when I played so one day I got so mad at the game that I took it out and I just tore it in half. I could not take the frustration and stress anymore. Seventy dollars down the drain but I had never felt better, and after that I told my family and friends that I had retired from the beautiful game. I didn’t play it for a year.

Fast forward to right now, I bought the game at Best Buy the day after Black Friday because it was half off. My girlfriend gave me a disapproving look, but here I am now. I’ve played some matches but I don’t feel that intensity any more, now when I lose I just let it go (if i do get angry maybe I should do this). The game is just so frustrating, but that’s what makes it fun because when you actually win it feels like the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals and World Series all rolled into one.


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