Why The Witcher 3 is my Game Of The Year

I never played the first two Witcher games because the first one came out a long time ago and the second one was only on the Xbox 360. However, when CD Projekt Red announced this game in 2013 I jumped on the hype wagon immediately. To me this was a game that would compete with Skyrim, and with Dragon age, two franchises with a deeper and more mainstream history. But I couldn’t deny that the game looked absolutely gorgeous and part of me thought that it was being rendered by a super PC.

I have never been so glad to be wrong in my life because when I played the game back in May it looked so breathtaking. The lighting was so crisp and clear, going from a purple haze to an orangey sundown and a fierce red dawn.

witcher light.png
Yes, that is rendered in the game

Enough about how beautiful the game is because where it really shines is in its subtle storytelling. Never mind the main plot line because it is so long and convoluted that you will eventually get lost in it. The side quests, and witcher contracts are the best. Save a town from a huge dragon, help find the wife and daughter of local Baron. There is so much variety in gameplay, so much to do, and so many ways to do it that I still haven’t really finished it but when I do, I will have had an awesome time.

And don’t get me started on Gwent, I mean, a card game within an already amazing RPG game. Gwent is like crack to Witcher 3 players, and I know this because i found myself neglecting mission I needed to do in order to collect a rare gwent card from a local barkeep, or play the same guy five times because his monster deck was impossible to beat until I did beat him and he have me a really shitty card I already had.

Did I mention how fun the combat is? Because there really is nothing like it, you can make Geralt fight primarily with his sword or be more inclined to use signs which are sort of magic symbols. Or maybe you want a hybrid character that does a little of both because you never know what to expect when walking around in possibly one of the biggest video game maps in history.

The Witcher 3 is a near perfect game that I will continue to play until next year when I finally beat it all. Plus, the game comes with a thank-you card, cool stickers and a replica of the in game map. If you haven’t played the Witcher yet then go buy it because you won’t regret it.


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