Why Destiny is one of my favorite games

Destiny is one of those games that just sucks you back in, like a riptide at a beach or an ex-girlfriend you had fond memories of. I haven’t played it since before halloween and the whole festival of the dead thing they had, but I thoroughly enjoyed the new expansion. However, I’ve been playing the Witcher 3 instead, and now FIFA 16 as well.

After the expansion they’ve been releasing a steady stream of new content for free, and although they might be using the money from the emotes to support their current ventures that’s alright with me.

Their new Sparrow Racing League looks super fun to play with and I cant wait it this week although, I doubt the new gear will be worthy for the King’s Fall raid. Not only are we getting new sparrows, but we as a community are getting what we asked for.

Destiny is one of those games where there is an actual community that cares about the game, and although there might a lot of criticism we play the game constantly because we like and wish it to be better so our friends might play it. The racing league concept is something that the community has been asking for since Destiny’s formative years, and while there’s been compromises along the way this is the fist time where the community is seeing one of their own creations

In your life you will either meet a person who is obsessed with Destiny or a  person who absolutely hates it after a couple of hours. It’s a game with no middle ground, but those who like it love it and those who don’t like it hate it. Sure, there might be things to hate but the amount of stuff in the game that there is to like far outweigh the bad, in my humble opinion.

This new racing league might just be three weeks of pure fun and speed, but there could be other awesome community inspired events to come in the future. Take that grain of knowledge and ask yourself how many games you know that would go that far to satisfy their community? Not many.


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