About The Author


Alejandro Medellin, the author of this page, knows a little about most things, but knows a lot about video games. In fact, when he isn’t with his girlfriend or begrudgingly doing his homework he is playing a video game in some form. From indie games, to triple A shooters and everything in between, he plays to lose himself but also to learn more about the industry.

He does not consider himself a know-it-all because he hasn’t even played some of the classics like Zelda, or Metroid, or even Skyrim but he did beat Castlevania: Symphony of the Night when he was fifteen. He still considers that as one of his proudest achievements.

Alejandro considers himself a reformed playstation player because his girlfriend threatened to leave him if he continued to own his Xbox. Some of his fondest childhood memories include beating Halo 2 with his brothers, and receiving an Xbox 360 with Gears of War for christmas.

He is a huge reader of fiction and you can catch him with a book in his hands at all times except of course when his hand is on a Ps4 controller. In that case leave him alone. His favorite author is Ernest Hemingway, and his favorite book, The Sun Also Rises. Lately he has been reading more comics than books and his bank account reflects the previous statement. I mean, have you seen how many star wars comics they have, it’s obscene really. But he keeps buying them. And Marvel keeps making them.

This blog will reflect his opinion on games, the overall standing of the industry, peppered in will also be some game reviews and later in the future maybe game previews if publishers feel like this blog is worth reading. Some of his opinions will be biased towards franchises he loves, like Pokemon or FIFA, but for the most part he will try to separate his love of video games from his journalistic integrity. Honesty is the best policy right? And we’re all best friends here anyways, aren’t we? Please love me.

He is currently a Senior at the University of North Texas studying journalism so that one day he may write for IGN or Polygon. He owns a Ps4, Ps Vita, Ps3, 3ds, and plans on one day getting an Xbox One if he is allowed. Feel free to shame him on his lack of video game knowledge on his twitter or beat him on rocket league on playstation. Twitter and Psn: skinny_fats